Working in Croatia, How to Apply, Do’s & Don’ts

Croatia is in desperate search of employees right now. Many sectors, such as manufacturing and leisure, do not have sufficient individuals to cover all available opportunities. As a consequence, Croatian businesses are searching for candidates from other countries to occupy these positions. The firm hires an immigrant, and the authorities issue a working visa.

One of the reasons for the labor scarcity is that many Croatians are emigrating to other EU nations, and part of it is that Croatians do not want to work in these types of employment. If you are a non-EU resident, you may request a working visa in Croatia if you fulfill the requirements.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Requirements for work permits and the labor force assessment 

Employment restrictions were removed on January 1, 2021. It indicates that the amount of overseas labor which can be recruited in Croatia has no restriction. It is unquestionably an improvement, yet there is still one hurdle that a corporation must clear before hiring an immigrant. The “labor market test” is the name of this obstacle.

If a Croatian company seeks to engage a non-EU citizen, they must initially obtain approval from the HZZ recruitment office before submitting a job and residency visa application. HZZ will conduct a labor force analysis to decide whether or not the business will be allowed to recruit the expatriate.

If a business wants to recruit full-time or part-time personnel, it can submit a labor force assessment. But, whether or not to hire someone part-time is a judgment made by the HZZ. In this instance, the prospective part-time worker must be paid at least 3381 kunas on a “net” basis. If this criterion is fulfilled, HZZ may approve the hiring of a part-time worker.

How can a Croatian company obtain an international employee’s working and residency permit? 

Companies must apply for an employment visa for their prospective overseas workers after receiving approval from HZZ. Recruiters must submit a working visa application to MUP.

The recruiter must submit: 

  • Agreement of hiring 
  • Evidence of fulfilling the conditions that prospective workers must meet in the labor force exam, which often contain: 
  • a particular degree of schooling 
  • Qualifications in education 
  • Skill in the workplace 
  • Criminal record check for workers that have been apostilled/legalized 
  • Passport copies of a worker

Job hunting websites in Croatia

With the websites listed underneath, you can anticipate a reply ratio of 0.5 to 1.0 percent. Prepare a CV with all the essential information and send it to the company that seems suitable for your skills.

Njuskalo: After looking over these web pages, you’ll notice that their interfaces aren’t all that different. Njuskalo falls into the class of not-so-unique. It does, however, feature authentic job vacancies. 

MOJ-Posao: MOJ-Posao is a huge player in the Croatian employment market. It’s an excellent spot to start. 

Learn4Good: For a variety of degrees, Learn4Good provides an excellent employment platform.

Career Jet: Career Jet is a company that I’m sure you are aware of. They have Croatian online job possibilities.

Breaking the Barrier!

First batch of 5 Indian Worker landed in Zagreb on 22nd June 2018, recruited as Construction workers by Sterling Technical Staffing. It was in the history of Croatia that legally first batch of Indian workers arrived which was reported by all local newspapers and TV Channels all across Croatia.

Initially there was lot of nervousness and curiosity how Indian workers would be accepted or our Indians will not be able to manage since food was a major issues for our Indian people. Time will only prove that India will become Europe Unions major partner in supplying them the technical manpower which is required for their industries to grow and flourish. Croatia has become an entry point for enter Europe and to other countries thereafter which will follow the Croatian lead soon.

First Indian Recruits hired for Construction company in Croatia

Avoid Bogus Job Alerts online

Its our constant endeavor to help poor workers to find the right way to find legal work permit for Croatia and other European Countries, we simply advice job applicants to apply through legitimate Licensed offices in India. Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India issues licenses to Recruitment offices all over India. These offices are binding by The Emigration Act, 1983 to legally provide all information to candidates. List of legal offices are updated by Ministry on their website

Never trust the content of Facebook groups, most of the fake agencies using this medium to contact applicant directly. Remember that you will be sharing all your important documents like your passport details, your certificates etc. to people whom you have never met or will ever meet. Companies will never use these medium to hire workers.

Net Salary, not Gross Salary

Also most important part is the Employment contract, kindly note all salary discussion should be after Tax salary i.e. Net Salary. Since Croatians companies need to deduct directly Income tax from your salary in some case as high as 40%. So make sure salary offered to you is after tax net salary not gross salary. This is the common type of fraud reported across Croatia wherein recruiting agencies don’t inform candidates about the taxation laws in host country.

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